1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish.
  2. Riders must be fully self-supported and not receive any private outside assistance.
  3. Drafting is prohibited. Exception – registered pairs.
  4. All forward travel must be by bicycle.
  5. ferries allowed if stated
  6. All riders are required to carry provided GPS tracker.
  7. Riders must follow the designated Wild Atlantic Way route between control points.
  8. No insurance, no helmet, no ride.
  9. It is expected of all riders to know, respect and observe local laws.
  10. Riders must act in the spirit of adventure, speed and above all fun.
    two new rules for 2018
  11. All riders must take a mandatory continuous 3 hour stop in every 24 hour period. Excluding two 24hr periods not back to back. Meaning not one after the other.
  12. All riders need to light up like Christmas trees during darkness hours. and display some form of hi-vi during the day and reflective gear at night ( helmets, tape, bags, jerseys, bands, vests, flags, anything at all that improves your chances of being seen. make an effort.)