If you’ve got this far than hopefully we will see you in Dublin for the start on 3rd September 2020. Here’s a brief summary of what to expect. A more detailed version of what will happen will be emailed to all riders in August.
  1. Social distancing of 2M at all times. (more info here)
  2. Masks and Hand sanitiser are to be used when entering any inside space. Shops, petrol stations or inside accommodation.
  3. Solo means solo. And Any pairs riding need to be from the same household or share the same social bubble.
  4. The start on 3rd of September will also be registration and bag drop to minimise contact and will be staggered to allow social distancing. 8am-11am
  5. Ride Briefing will be by video.
  6. Halfway Check point will be subject to Killary Adventure Centers Covid Policy at the time of arrival. See the procedures
  7. The finish in Kinsale Hoilday Homes will be subject to their COVID-19 Policy at the time of arrival.
  8. All other rules and guidelines will stay the same.
  9. Riders will be asked prior to the start date of September 3rd , during the ride and 2 weeks after the ride to inform the TAW of any Covid-19 symptoms and will need to stop riding, get tested and be prepared to self isolate if needed. Riders will also be requested to download COVID Tracker Ireland to fight against COVID-19
  10. Riders will be asked to be respectful, responsible and vigilant when traveling through remote rural areas of Ireland and maintaine a positive image of cycling and Bikepacking in general.