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A film of the transatlantic way

The ride and the route

The TransAtlanticWay is a one stage self-supported road bike ride between Dublin and Cork via The Wild Atlantic Way. A choice of two routes: Cu Culhainn – 2500kms and Sedanta – 1700kms with the pounding swell of the Atlantic as your constant companion, you follow the blue zig-zag signposts through seven of Ireland’s westernmost counties and be treated to many of Ireland’s scenic showstoppers, welcoming towns and villages, heritage sites and plenty of unexpected thrills.

Some logistics

During the ride all responsibility lies with you, to be totally self-sufficient. We will help with logistics by offering a bag and/or bike box drop at the start, and transfer of bags to the finish.

All riders will be given and required to carry a gps tracker which will enable friends, family and the ride organiser to follow your progress and will be used to validate your time and route. The ride will be split into two categories: Solo and Pairs.

A bit about the organiser

Adrian O’Sullivan started riding his bike around Regents Park in London a few years ago. Little did he know it would lead to becoming an ultra long-distance cycling specialist.

“Having started as a complete novice it didn’t take me long to figure out speed was not in my DNA. As rides grew from 10 miles to 100 miles, so did the beard and a love of all things cycling. I raced the 2014 London to Istanbul Transcontinental finishing in 7th place. I then raced the TransAmerica from the West to East coast 4,350 miles in 21 days finishing 5th. On my return the most asked question after how many hours and miles I rode each day was ‘what’s next ?’ There are many bike packing adventures out there for mountain bikes but I couldn’t find many similar to the Transcontinental or TransAmerica specific to road bikes. So, a new challenge, a new adventure is born – the TransAtlanticWay bike ride .”


Charity we support: Foyle Search And Rescue 

The Foyle Search and Rescue is a charity the TransAtlanticWay supports it plays a vital role in the community along the river Foyle and Derry city.

It’s main aim is to Prevent, Rescue and educate about the dangers of the river Foyle and prevent and rescue over 200 suicide attempts every year.

A message from Adrian:

“I first learned about FSR in 2017 when I was on duty at Checkpoint 1 on the foyle peace bridge. I was waiting for a rider to arrive just after midnight. It was a beautiful calm evening and there was a full moon casting a dancing light over the river. I was leaning over the barrier looking out into the water just soaking up the night, when two guys appeared and engaged me in conversation. After a while I understood they came out to check on me. They have cameras on the three bridges crossing the Foyle which are monitored 24/7. They came out to save me. They told me it’s completely voluntary with very little funding from the government. They have speedboats and crew that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Coming from a background full of depression and suicide it moved me greatly that two lads had come out to see if I was ok. “

Ever since the TransAtlanticWay  has supported FSR